Why to start a Blog?

For several week I was thinking about opening a Blog, but there was always this little noisy voice in my head that said: “Isn’t blogging old and no one is doing it any longer?” But then I started to think about it and the main reason why I want to blog is that I want to share the results of my creativity and tell people how I manage to get the product I wanted.

I never really considered myself as a creative person but since about one and a half years I started to do a lot of stuff and suddenly I realized that people around me started to say: “Oh you are so creative!” and with all the Blogs I started to check to increase my skills in all the different things I am doing I also started to desire a platform to share my results others then just Facebook. I am also a bit afraid that I start to annoy people with the tons of pictures I take.

Another thing I want to share on this Blog is my love for music and books. So every now and then I will tell you something about a new artist or writer I discovered.

Yeah so these are the main reasons to start this blog. I hope you will enjoy it!



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