The Sheepbag

As I will not have new Projects to write about for the next few days, (Spoiler: There is something exiting coming up on Wednesday and I hope to be able to write about it during the later days of this week!) I thought I just recap one of my projects from the last months. I made a Handbag, after my first one started to fall apart. The first one was actually one of my first real sewing projects I ever did and I was quit proud of it but you could also see that I was not really experienced in it.


My poor old Bag after one year of almost constant use

So I started to look around for a nice fabric that I could use and stumbled over one I really loved with a sheep pattern. But I decided to make the main part of the bag in simple black fabric and only do the cover and the front bag in the sheep fabric.


All the stuff I ordered for my new Bag

So one Monday at the end of October my package arrived, I was feeling sick but I wanted to start badly with my bag because I wanted it to be finished for my trip to Germany the following weekend. I had the pattern from a German book that you can find here. The first evening I started with cutting the fabric and iron all the filling fleece onto the different parts of the bag.


Result of day one

I still had to work during the day so in the evening of the second day I started with the actual sewing and I first added the cover top and bottom fabric and sawed a rim band around it. and I added the front pocket and a small pocket to the back. The small pocket was not really easy and it took me some time to get it right, and I actually hat to cut the inside fabric for the pocket twice because I screwed it up. But luckily I had enough fabric to redo it.


The work of the second day, I am still not 100% satisfied with the small pocket at the back.

On the third and last day I felt really sick and had to fight to finish the bag. But I managed 🙂 So first I joined  all parts of the outside of the bag together and as you can see on the middle picture it already looked a lot like a bag from outside but the right hand picture shows the inside still looked rather rough.


The outer part of the bag on the third day.

So I continued by joining the parts of the inner bag together and that really looked strange… But after putting the inner Bag inside the outer one it really felt like a bag.


The inner part is being finished

So the only thing left to do was joining the outer bag with the inner one at the zipper, i did most of that with my machine but part of it I did by hand.

And TADA there was my new Bag:


My New Bag ❤

It barely left my side since that day and I really, really love the pattern of the fabric and how it turned out to look.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I would love to get feedback and/or questions!




4 thoughts on “The Sheepbag

    • Danke! Die Tasche ist nicht komplett Wasserdicht aber ich hab sie nach dem ich fertig war mit normalem Textilimpregnierer (den man normalerweise auch immer für Schuhe benutzt) behandelt und seitdem kann sie zumindest dem normalen Nieselregen standhalten. Wie es bei längerem Dauerregen aussieht kann ich (noch) nich sagen. Hoffe ich konnte dir weiterhelfen.

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