Photography course

As I already said in my last post there will be something coming up these days and here it is:

I was doing a Photography course for one day here on my little Island!

It was a really great experience and I think in some Terms I got a new little kick in my Skills and new motivation to try harder. But first things first here is the full story:

Shortly after I got my camera I heard from a colleague that there is a woman here on the island that gives courses for one day on basic photography skills. I was immediately interested, but didn’t really had the money and time to do it. My friends however heard about it and for my Birthday this autumn I got money from them to do the course. So I went ahead and looked on the webpage for some more information. As I knew everything will be happening in Dutch I didn’t wanted to do the course alone and asked a good friend to join me. After some forth and back we agreed on a date, and this was Yesterday (11. December 2013)!

So my friend came over to the island and we went in the morning by bus to the other side of the island. It was perfect weather and after a first cup of coffee we started with the course.

First we had some theory about the interaction between shutter speed, F-Value and ISO and what you can achieve with what and after that we had our first little excursion into the Forest behind the location where the course took place. There we made some exercises to see the effect that changes in these setting can have.


This is me playing around with the shutter speed at a constant f-value


And here the same exercise but the with a fixed shutter speed and different f-values

After we finished this exercise we went back to the  hotel and had lunch. While our teacher went to pick that up I was able to play a bit around with her 50mm Lens that she had with her. I think I will go for one of these as well.


Just a test short I took with the 50mm Lens.

Next we had some more theory about picture composition. And then we went for quite a walk to the beach and back. This time we should try to capture a Postcard-Motive and we should come up with a Trio of Pictures that we wanted to do a compilation of.

I Shot several Pictures that were all quite good in my opinion so I have more then just one Postcard:






I am really, really proud of my “Trio”. I decided to name it “Near the water edge”


In total the course probably came about 2 month to late but it was still really helpful and nice and I still have the feeling afterwards that my photography skills have increased.

Do you like my Pictures? Do you have any comments on them?




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