DIY Camera inlay for a purse

During my various trips to different cities I got somehow fed up that I had to decide if I want to take my camera with camera bag with me or if I want to just take a normal purse. Most of the times I didn’t wanted to leave my camera behind so I took my camera bag, but that one was kind of small and also didn’t look as nice as my own bag (you remember my nice sheepbag?). So I had this vague idea that I could make an inlay for my bag, so that I can put my camera in a safe place within my bag.

Last week I started to Google around a bit and and found two pages where they describe how to do it (you can find them here and here). So on Saturday I went to the market on the mainland and found a stand were they sell foam in different sizes and thickness. I bought a 50x50cm and 2 cm thick piece, because they only sold foam thicker then 2cm in smaller pieces (I would had preferred a 1 cm thickness). At home I tried a first layout and soon discovered that it would fill my whole purse, which was not what I intended. So I first wanted to stop the project, but it kept sneaking back into my mind. So on Sunday I tried another layout and it turned out to work much better.


The bottom with the 2 cm thick foam

For that I cut a part of the foam in the middle to reduce the thickness. and then fitted the parts to the fabric which I still had leftover from the Sheepbag project, where I didn’t use it at all.


The finished bottom


As I wanted to add some inlays that should support the camera I added a Velcro band to it.


Attaching the Velcro

Now I just had to sew the outer part of the fabric together and attache the two sides.


Finishing the side

Now the only part left was attaching the upper part to the bottom which unfortunately has to be done by hand. I only did it really roughly so far but will do it better the following days.


The two parts attached to each other

And then it’s already finished, the inlays for stabilization have to wait a bit 😉


The camera in the bag (this was taken with my phone camera, not as bad as I expected it to be)

sorry for the bad pictures but the light in my room is not really the best 😉




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