You have to be fast to spontanously take Pictures of a Sunset

You ever tried to take pictures of a sunset? Then you know how small the window is to get some good Pictures with the right light and how fast the light and colors change during the Sunset. So 1 minute can decide if it is a grate Picture or just a normal one.

Yesterday I left my work, which is round about five minutes walk from my home, and saw that the sun was to go down in a few moments and that it will be quite a nice sunset. So I decided spontaneously to pick up my camera and take some pictures. Luckily there is a bay right around the corner, that makes it easy to do such spontaneous decisions. So I knew I only had a short time frame to take nice pictures so I went straight home and picked up the camera and tripod and left to the bay. I already started to take pictures on the way there while passing through the Ferry harbor there.


When I reached the bay the sun was already quite low so I took some Handheld pictures first before setting up the tripod.


After setting up the equipment I was able to take some really nice shots and I think I stayed there for about 20 minutes (which already left my fingers freezing despite the gloves).

Here are the results from this:






I love to take sunset pictures and I am always sad if I miss a good one, especially if I only miss it because I don’t have my camera with me. Here on the island that happens often as we have a lot of nice sunsets but I don’t always have time to grab my camera first. 

I hope you all have a nice weekend, enjoy it!





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