DIY Jewelery box

I got a new necklace for this Christmas and I wanted to keep it safe when back home. So I realized that I don’t have any Jewelery box at home. After scanning some on the internet I didn’t found any one that I liked and I gave up and postponed the search until later. The following day I was shopping in Hamburg and also stopped by a store called “Idee”, which means as much as idea in German. They are the paradise for anyone that is into crafting and the store is huge and I only went in the check out their Decopatch paper. Next to the paper they had some beautiful wooden boxes. And suddenly I had an idea (Yeah the store definitely deserves it’s name ;)), I just make my own jewelery box! My mind was running like crazy and within a few minutes I had it finished in my mind. So I went ahead and bought some of the Decopatch paper, one of the wooden boxes, some purple color and a brush.


So this weekend I finally had time to go for this project. I started yesterday with painting the whole box in purple. Image

After letting it dry over night I went on today with putting up some highlights with Decopatch. You don’t know what that is? here is a small video on how to do it:

I choose three different types of paper and did the lid with one, the front and back with the second and the sides with the last one.


For the inlay I took an old black velvet shirt that I still had but never wore and started with cutting out. I have some of stud earrings that I wanted to be able to keep in pairs so I came up with the idea is making some kind of cushion with segments in it where I can put them in. After cutting the pieces I made seams on the edges and fixated them with my sewing machine.


I wanted the put my hanging earrings on some braid trim in the top of the box and I still had some that I bought about half a year ago which were fitting nicely with the colors and the whole set up.

The final part was the to bring these two things together. I just took double-sided adhesive tape to fixate the velvet inside the box.


I am really satisfied with how this worked out and I already love the end result!

What do you think of it? Do you also want to make one? I was also thinking about decorating it with some stones/shells or braid trims on the outside of the box.

Do you have any ideas about how to make it even nicer?

Enjoy your Sunday evening!


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