The candlelight shots

I know it is some time ago that I posted but I was kind of busy. So here is the promised post about the other pictures I took with my 50 mm Lens.

After getting an edition of the “Digital Camera” Magazine for my birthday last year I decided that I want to subscribe to the Magazine for some time to get some helpful inspiration from it. In each Edition they have a part that is called “10 Things to try right now” and in the December edition they had something that immediately caught my eye. It was called “Craft a candlelit portrait” and after seeing the picture in the Magazine I was thinking that I have to do that with my sister.

My sister is one year older than me and ever since our puberty she was kind of photogenic. So I love to try out stuff on her to see if it works or not. She just has a natural thing going on with the camera.. I can’t even describe it.

So when I bought my 50mm Lens in Hamburg I told her right away that I wanted to take a specific picture of her and she agreed on trying it out. We spent New Years Eve together and after dinner we set up our little scene.

I was using my 50 mm Lens and my tripod, as I was not willing to increase to ISO too high. I also played around with the f value and exposure time until I was satisfied with the picture. I focused manually to get the picture just as I wanted to have it. Here are my two favorite shots from that evening:


f/1.8, 0.3 sec


f/1.8, 0.4 sec

After I was finished with the pictures of my sister I was so satisfied that I also wanted to try it. However, I am not as photogenic as my sister so it took some more time to get a picture that I was satisfied with. The second difficulty was that my sister was a bit afraid of my camera and I had to put on the auto focus again. This resulted in a picture I am quite OK with but it is just a little bit unsharp. And I converted it to Sepia as my colors didn’t went that well with the candle light as my sisters did. But see for yourself:


Picture done by my sister, f/1.8, 1.0 sec

Did you ever tried out taking portraits in candle light? and did it work out?



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