Exploring the Netherlands: Den Haag & Delft

Since I moved to the Netherlands about 1.5 years ago (OMG is it really that long already?) I started with exploring this country that is now my home. This weekend I did my first Trip to Den Haag and today I also went to Delft. I was leaving my little Island on Saturday morning with a lot of wind and even a bit of rain. About 3 hours later I arrived in a windless (oh what a bliss!) and only a bit cloudy Den Haag.


A typical sight near a Dutch train station.

I went exploring the City, with the so called “Binnenhof” – the governmental district of the Netherlands.


The entrance to the Binnenhof


The central part of the Binnenhof


The entrance to the second chamber

After leaving the Binnenhof I stumbled over another typical Dutch Building. A Herring Hut- if you want to know more about what they mean check out this great Blog about a lot of stuff Dutch people like and their thoughts about Herring.


The Herring Hut next to the Binnenhof

I continued my walk around the City and found the “Werkpaleis Noordeinde”, which is the working palace of the Royal family. It has sufficient amounts of gold all around.


Werkpaleis Noordeinde

After that I started with my little shopping trip with a friend of mine and 4 hours later we went home to her place which is a bit outside of Den Haag. She is living on the 10th floor of an apartment building and has a stunning view from her balcony.


Sunset over Den Haag


Den Haag at Night

Sunday, so today, we went for a Trip to Delft which is only about 12 km south-east of Den Haag. Delft is quite small but really charming. It is famous for it’s pottery in the “Delft blue”. They have a lot of store where you can buy all kinds of ceramic work. So also these little guys:


They have a really nice town hall and you can find the church in which the royal family is having the funeral service for it’s members.

…The slender tower of the New Church shoots up almost 109 metres. The royal tomb in the church is the last resting place for the members of the Royal House…” (from the official webpage of Delft)


The town hall of Delft


The new church of Delft

We stayed for a while in Delft and also met up with another friend of mine. In total it was a tiring but really nice weekend.



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