DIY Pouf


My DIY Pouf

I love to have my feet a bit higher on something soft while sitting at my desk. So I was playing with the idea of making a pouf since some time. Last week Friday I decided to start with it and had a look around on the internet for some ideas. I found this really nice description and immediately loved the square layout and the white cording. I still had a lot of the sheep fabric left that I used for my sheepbag so I decided to use that as the general fabric and a black one for the bottom. On Sunday I started with cutting the fabric.


The parts of the fabric for all sides, top and bottom

I first sewed the sides together so that I ended up with a ring. I then took the cording and added it to the top fabric.


Afterwards I added the sides to that. It took me some fiddling around to get everything the way I wanted it but I was really satisfied in the end. The last step was to add the bottom part to the sides as well and remember to leave a bit open so you can still turn the fabric and fill it.


Adding the bottom to the rest


The unfinished side to turn the fabric inside out


Turned pouf with the wool ready for filling

I needed a bit more than 3 bags of wool to fill the whole thing but it looked really nice in the end!

The last step is to close the remaining opening by hand.




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