Zaanse Schans and Wormerveer at Night

Yesterday I went and visited a friend of mine that lives near Amsterdam. During the day we went to the beach and had an awesome day. In the evening we decided that we wanted to go and take some pictures at night. We packed our cameras and tripods and drove by car to a near by sightseeing site that is pretty popular, the zaanse schans. It is mostly known for it’s assemblage of old windmills and we actually thought they will be lit with lights. When we arrived we discovered that this is not the case. We decided to still try and take some pictures and they actually turned out really nice. I worked with my tripod and remote control and I wanted to keep the ISO low so I went for a high f value and long exposure. In the first picture I concentrated on one windmill close by and I had a piece of a cycling road passing through the picture and as my exposure was 1:30 min you can see the trails of the bikes passing through the picture.

Single windmill at night at Zaanse Schaans

Single windmill at night, ISO 400, f/29, 92sec

After that we walked on a bit until four windmills were lining up nicely and we made some more pictures.

The four windmills at Zaanse Schaans

The four windmills, ISO 400, f/11, 60 sec

On they way back with the car we passed a nice typical dutch bridge and took some more pictures. As there was more artificial light here I had to adjust my settings a bit. I could shoot with an even lower ISO and also reduced the shutter time.

Bridge in Wormerveer at Night

Bridge in Wormerveer, ISO 200, f/29, 30 sec

All in all I had a great time trying out some more night photography and get to know my new equipment a bit better. And I am also really satisfied with the result.

I hope all of you had a nice weekend!




4 thoughts on “Zaanse Schans and Wormerveer at Night

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  2. Hi Sari …I am from Michigan and my sister and I will be visiting Amsterdam next month …I will search for this place you write of , your photos so very beautiful ! Xxxmeg

    • Thank you, Meg! How wonderful that you will be visiting! It is really just a few minutes away from Amsterdam, you will have to take the train to Zaandam and from there you can go by Bus. I hope you will enjoy your stay and if you need any more Tips fro Amsterdam, let me know I will try to do my best to help you 🙂

      • Sari …thank you so much for your thoughtful kindness …our ancestors came from the Netherlands to America …your photographs cause feelings of wonder for me ….xxxmeg

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