today I will do something new. I will share my drawing with everyone. I am not specifically good at it but I still like to draw every now and then. When I was in Den Haag I bought a sketchbook and since then I already did some drawings in there.


My new sketchbook

Here are my drawings so far:


This is basically a test drawing as it is a motive a already did several times. I am deeply connected to everything marine so you will probably get to see more of these in the future.


This is a drawing of my left hand. Image

I tried something new with this one. I was drawing no specific motive but just something that came to my mind. It’s some kind of cliff with the surf coming in ( I don’t really like how I draw that but I also couldn’t do it better). After this I thought it is probably better to go for actual stuff that is in my surrounding.


So I ended up drawing my backyard last weekend while I was enjoying one of the first spring days with a lot of sun.


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