When I left work today I took a deep breath and thought to myself: Yes this is Spring! There was this sweet smell of blooming flowers in the air and the sun was shining and I walked home without my jacket on. After I came home I was sitting on my terrace just in my t-shirt and with the Jeans tucked up for about 1.5 hours. It was fantastic! When the sun started to vanish behind the house next door I didn’t wanted to just go inside. So I decided to take my camera and walk to the flower fields just behind the complex I live in and take some more flower pictures. I just took my camera with the 50 mm lens and walked over there.

IMG201404114501-3 IMG201404114509-7 IMG201404114516-9

At the field they grow hyacinths in different colors and I took some close ups from them as well as some stunning pictures of the field itself.

IMG201404114508-6 IMG201404114528-13 IMG201404114523-11

But I also took some more pictures of other flowers that I found on the way.

IMG201404114504-5 IMG201404114492-2 IMG201404114490-1

It is so nice to see all the blooming flowers around and I really enjoy it to live in one of the sunniest places of the Netherlands.

Have a nice weekend!


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