DIY Decopatch Chain Lights

I already showed you, that I am really fond of Decopatch and I even did a jewlery box myself at somepoint, where I also posted a link with an explanation on how to do it. I wanted to make some kind of lamp for my living room to bring some indirect light to the room while watching tv or just sitting on the couch. I browsed the internet for a bit of inspiration and found the following link on buzzfeed where it said: “Decopatch lamp”. After having a closer look at the link I realized that they don’t really use decopatch there but I thought it is still a great idea. So I went on and bought some plastic cups and a chain of lights.

Then last weekend I started with preparing the cups with decopatch.

IMG201404134534-1 IMG201404134536-2

Already after the first day I had some nice and colourful cups ready.

IMG201404134541-5 IMG201404134538-3 IMG201404134540-4

Initially I bought 35 cups and a light chain with 35 lights, but after about half of the cups I ran out of time to get them ready before Easter. And I wanted to finished it before this weekend as I had visitors over and didn’t wanted my creative stuff all around the house while they were here. So at a certain point I stopped and made some holes in the bottom of the cups and put the lights through it. I went for puttinga cup on more or less every second light and I think it turned out great!

IMG201404184570-17 IMG201404184571-18

What do you think?



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