The Ferry at Night

As some of you might know there was a lunar eclipse last week but unfortunately it was not visible here in Europe. After being over for dinner at friends place I realized that the moon was rising and that it is red. As soon as I arrived at home I packed my camera and went to the ferry harbor at the west side of the island with a undisturbed view onto the moon. I don’t really have the right equipment for taking pictures of the moon so I had to work with what I had but that means that I was not able to zoom in really close and all the combinations that I tried ended with either a blurry moon or a mostly dark picture. I want to share some results with you guys anyway.

IMG201404164548-8 IMG201404164551-11 IMG201404164557-12

I still like how they turned out but they are far from perfect for my liking.

While I was out there and had my camera and my tripod with me anyway I also took some nice pictures of the Lighthouse on the mainland and the Ferry that was lying in the harbor for the night.

IMG201404164558-13 IMG201404164561-14 IMG201404164566-15


2 thoughts on “The Ferry at Night

  1. I love these pictures! I especially love the ones with the reflection. Maybe because they remind me of life and how everything we do in the lives of others, tend to be reflected back.

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