Street art in Vienna

I have been on vacation for some days in south-east Germany. While there we went on a trip to Vienna and I will show you some Pictures I took while I was there for the next few post as I took almost 300 of them and ended up with around 100 of them that I want to show around. The first post is about Pictures of Street art that I found around Vienna and also some funny writings and stickers in the city.

We went on a walk on a sunny Sunday and we started at the Danube canal were I found some really nice Graffiti.

IMG201404274913-72 IMG201404274915-74 IMG201404274914-73

As we kept on walking we passed trough a part which looked a lot like an alternative part of the city and I found this trash can with a sticker on it that says: “ballot-box” and below that you can see a poster that has the title “Fire to all prisons“.


Later that day we went into a Park were it was really confusing if and where dogs are allowed or not (we also had a dog with us) but at some point the friend of mine that we were meeting in Vienna pointed this out to me (can you see the dog in the background?):


The last one I wanted to show you is this sign I found in a really small and old alley and the sign says something like:

Pedestrians pay attention to the carriages!

Drive in walking pace!

Heavy  carriage drivers must lead their horse and have send an adult person to warn pedestrians.

It says that this was there since May 8th 1912


I really loved this old side of Vienna and that you can see it everywhere in the city. I hope you look forward to more pictures!



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