Strolling trough Vienna – Day 1

After showing you two posts about my visit to Vienna without really showing anything from Vienna itself I thought it is now time to show you my pictures that I took from the impressive buildings that they have there. I will divided them into two posts and keep them separated by the two days that we spent there.

Our Hotel was near the Votivchurch so naturally our walk started and ended there. I also took my tripod with me even as it was a lot of wight to carry around for just the few shots that I finally got from it but I still really like it.


Votivchurch by day…


…and by night

We went on a nice stroll through the city and to the end the sun started to set and gave some really nice and subtle light. I will just leave you with the pictures of these day, I hope you like them!



The Stephansdom



Entrance to the Hofburg (the place where Sissi used to live)


Roof of one of the buildings of the Hofburg


Statue on the Heldenplatz (Heroes’ square)


National library of Vienna


One of the famous carriages of Vienna in front of the national library


Building in the Volkspark




Town hall of Vienna ( they were just building some kind of stage in front of it)


Opposite of the town hall is the Burgtheater

Tomorrow I will show you the next part with day two πŸ™‚



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