Missing Hamburg

You know this moments when due to some accumulation of thing you suddenly crave for something (be it something to eat or a place to go, doesn’t really matter…)? Yeah well, today is such a day for me. My boyfriend is in Hamburg at the moment due to some family stuff and the I read this great post on Liv’s blog (that I really enjoy reading whenever I find the time to do so!) about her new life in north Germany. And suddenly it was there, swamping me like a flood – the longing to go there. Unfortunately this is not possible so I just have to live with it now and my only way to cope with it is by looking at YouTube videos with songs about Hamburg and pictures from my last visits and try to fill myself with their beauty and remember the great times I had there. I just hope it won’t be too long until I am back.

Here first three videos that I love because the songs are about Hamburg and also because they have some really nice footage from Hamburg.




And here a series with my favorite  pictures from my hometown, I hope you enjoy them.













4 thoughts on “Missing Hamburg

    • Yeah I was thinking about taking it home as well but then decided against it as it wouldn’t have fitted into my luggage anymore 🙂 But I really love the picture as it is such a typical Hamburg picture

  1. Gorgeous photos, and I totally get that wave of homesickness. It comes on all so suddenly, doesn’t it. I hope you took comfort in those beautiful photos!

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