A visit to the lighthouse

My sister was over for a visit the past few days and we went on a small tour on the island, the main goal was to visit the lighthouse in the north of the island. I am living here now for over two years and I didn’t manage to go and climb to top of the lighthouse yet. To rectify this condition we set out and first had to cross the whole island (as I am living in the south). We did this by bus as I don’t have a car so far and it is quite a distance (~23 km) to do it by bike (Yes, the crazy Dutch people always laugh at me when I say this).  Anyway we first went for a short stroll on the beach and I found this little assemblage of small boats.


Ferry to the next island, obviously only for pedestrians




After this small stroll we went to one of the beach restaurants and had a great lunch. From there we continued into the direction of the lighthouse. We were already able to see it from a distance and had to walk almost around it to reach it’s entrance.


We climbed the stairs and I took some pictures on the way up and on the balcony surrounding the lighthouse. There we had a really nice view on the direct neighborhood and on the tidal inlet, as well as the next island to the north.


Altitudes in the Netherlands in relation to each other.


View to Vlieland





Door sign to the office of the lighthouse guard


Height of the platform, this goes all the way down to the bottom so you know at each point how high you are.

After we left the lighthouse we went back into the direction of the bus stop and as we still had some time until the next bus home was leaving we went back to the beach restaurant and had a nice cup of coffee. All in all we had a really nice day out seeing something new of the island.



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