Zurich at Night

I was in Switzerland for my sisters 30th Birthday last weekend and this will be the topic of the following few posts as I was taking a lot of Pictures and I will show them to you in groups. She lives in Zurich so I was planning a trip on Saturday evening to go into town for some night photography. We were running a bit late so I decided against trying to catch the twilight and go for the full dark pictures.  I packed my tripod, my new wide-angle lens and my sister and off we went. We started of at the central station and then worked our way up a hill to a nice place called “Lindenhof” where you have a nice view over the inner part of Zurich. We continued down the hill and along the Limmat to the Lake. I ended with some pictures of a street crossing where trams were regularly driving and there was the circus Knie in the background (you can’t really see it on the pictures). I think the session went pretty well but I am open for comments! I will leave you with a nice gallery of the pictures I took.


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