DIY Kindlebag

As I already told you in the last few posts I went to Switzerland for the birthday of my sister. I gave her a Kindle as a present and I thought I make her a Bag for it so she can safely transport it. While she was over  for a visit only a week before her Birthday we went to Alkmaar and there we passed a fabric store. We stopped and I let her choose the fabric (yes I was a spoilsport and told her what she will get beforehand, and yes she didn’t like it- shame on me! But this way I was sure she will like it).

Fabric for the DIY Kindlebag

Fabric for the DIY Kindlebag

So in a first step I cut the fabric in the right size. I had an outer fabric, an inner fabric and some non-woven fabric, that you have to iron on the fabric to give a bit more resistance to the bag. I wanted to have a latch closing it on the top, but that didn’t need to be cushioned, so I left out the non-woven fabric for that part.

Cutted Fabric for thye DIY Kindelbag

Cutted Fabric for the DIY Kindlebag

I first Ironed to non-waven fabric on the other parts and then started sewing. I started with the latch and fixed the two parts together with a biased banding.

Ironing DIY KIndlebag

After the ironing of the non-woven fabric to the top fabric

Finished Flap of the DIY Kindlebag

Finished Flap

Next I sewed the inner and outer fabric together, but I left a little piece open in the inner fabric (don’t make that too small otherwise you will have problems turning it around) and I then turned the inner fabric around and put it inside the still inside-out outer fabric and sewed the upper part together. I then turned the whole thing through the hole in the inner fabric around.


First step

DIY Kindlebag Step1

Second step


Turning trough the turning hole

I then added the flap on the back of one side, which was only half successful, as the opening of the bag was not big enough to go around the lower part of my maschine and I constantly ran into danger to sew together to top of the bag. I would therefore advise to probably attache the flap before sewing together the inner and outer part. Don’t forget to close the turning hole! I the simply added a button to the bag and some thread to the flap and finished!

Finished Kindlebag open Finished DIY Kindlebag

My sister really liked her present! 🙂


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