Den Haag at Night – Monochrome Madness Week 17

This weeks monochrome madness is an old picture of me. I took it while visiting a friend in Den Haag in February. I took it with my camera supported only by the balcony rail, as I was traveling without my tripod and I think I still got it pretty sharp. I already posted this picture here on the blog, but only in real B&W. At this time however, I also experimented with some of the monochrome filters from Lightroom and produced this other version of the picture, I used the B&W toned present blue to create it. Some may already know it as I had it as my Facebook cover picture. I loved it already in the beginning but even after this long time I am still in awe of this and by now I think it is even better than the plain B&W, but see for yourself (to make it a bit easier for you I included the plain B&W as well)  🙂

As always I am not the only one that submitted a picture so check out the other entries on Leanne’s Blog!

Den Haag at Night

My submission in blue

Den Haag at Night

plain B&W version


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