Exploring the Netherlands: De Woude

Last weekend I was visiting a good friend of mine that lives in Wormerveer and we had the Saturday together to do something. We decided to visit De Woude (link only in Dutch). De Woude is an island in a lake that belongs to the municipality of Castricum and has a total of 160 inhabitants.  You have to take a cute little ferry to get there and there is a little village on the island but most of it is farm land and you can find a lot of nature around. When we started our little round (we didn’t finish it but turned around after some time) we stumbled over an area where there were a lot of old ships and farm equipment lying around and I took some nice shoots there (one of these will be my next monochrome madness submission). The landscape is great and we had really nice clouds that pimp up the otherwise a bit boring Dutch landscape 😉 I will leave you with a gallery of the pictures I took.


2 thoughts on “Exploring the Netherlands: De Woude

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