Two boats – Monochrome Madness Week 18

This weeks submission to the Monochrome Madness challenge from Leanne Cole comes from the pictures that I took when I was visiting De Woude. I did a lot of B&W pictures from the bunch of shots I took and it was hard to decide which one I want to submit. The symmetry and nice contrast of this picture decided it for me. I really love how the boats have different colors and both of them have a bucket inside. Already while shooting this I could see the B&W version in my head.

I will probably submit more from the De Woude shoots to the next weeks challenges, but I have to see. This also depends on how much I will shoot during the following weeks as I am quite busy at the moment, I almost missed the submission deadline for this one, not because I didn’t have a picture but more because I was so distracted with other stuff. Please remember to also check out the other great shots on Leanne’s Blog!

Two boats on the shore of de Woude

Two boats on the shore of de Woude



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