At Work

As some of you might know I am a marine Ecologist and I was considering doing a post about my work for some time now. Last week I started with supervising a two weeks course for Master students form different Universities and we went on a boat trip for one day. I took my camera with me and also took some pictures while on the boat and I still have a lot of old ones in my archive so I thought I will show some pictures of my work to you now.

I do research on food webs of the Wadden Sea, a tidal flat area that is an UNESCO world heritage area. Doing research on food webs means I work with everything that lives in the water from small algae to big fishes (and in theory even Seals and harbor porpoises, but so far I haven’t done any research on them). With the course last week I went to get sediments samples with shellfish in it to investigate their food preference, but last summer I went on a trip to catch fish and shrimp. So I added a gallery with different pictures from my work that were made either last week or last year in August.

And before you ask, Yes I love my Job, BUT it is not always like this! A lot of it is sitting behind the computer or in the lab working on the samples I took during the brief periods when I do field work.


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