The first week

So as always time runs by and suddenly my new hairy friends are here already for a whole week. It was an amazing time and they are both super sweet. I already see differences in their behavior. Tom is always the first to try something new and Jack is watching him and as soon as Tom found something worth trying he copies him. Tom is also the one who almost always comes to sleep in my lap whenever I sit down somewhere, but sometimes Jack is doing it as well but because he prefers to lay next to my leg, it makes it even more special when he decides to give me the honor to lay down in my lap. My old cat never was a big fan of lap lying (I think it was manly due to the fact that as a child me and my sister tried to convince him to do it ;). So so far I am more than happy with my little Kittens and I will leave you with a gallery of the newest pictures.


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