Cat TV – Monochrome Madness Week 21

This weeks submission to the Monochrome Madness is a picture of my new housemates. It was taken during the first two days and it was the first time they were upstairs. I did realize before they got here already that my room will have a nice view for them with an easily accessible window sill. So I cleared the window sill before they moved in and already at their first time in my room they found their way to that spot and while they enjoyed their Cat TV I took this picture.

I love the backlight and how it lights up the fur and I thought it is just a perfect monochrome picture 🙂 This is as always just one submission to a great series of pictures that you can find over on Leanne Cole’s Blog and I just love this weeks submissions! Please go over and have a look!

Cat TV


One thought on “Cat TV – Monochrome Madness Week 21

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