De Slufter

This weekend friends were staying on the island and we decided to go on a little trip today to the national park De Slufter. This is an old breach in the dunes of Texel that is now a large salt marsh area with a lot of different plants and birds. We had perfect weather with some clouds and the sun coming out every now and then.Β  Because I was not sure what kind of pictures I will take I took all three of my lenses with me and ended up using all of them at some point during the trip. I found a lot of interesting plants that I took close-ups of that came out to be really dreamy and I also ended up with a bunch of pictures that I converted to monochrome (this week will be a difficult decision for the monochrome madness). I will now leave you with a gallery and hope that you enjoy the pictures as much as I did taking them.

Out of curiosity, which ones do you prefer the color or B&W images?


9 thoughts on “De Slufter

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