Bonte Belevenis

As I already mentioned in my last MM post, it was my Birthday last week and my mum was here and we went to this farm called “Bonte Belevenis“. It is a farm where you pay entrance and inside they have a lot of animals running around freely (more to that in a later post) and you can visit different stations where they explain to you how to craft different things (like bread, candles, soap and paper) and if you pay some extra money you are even allowed to participate and make your own thing that you can take with you afterwards (If you are considering doing this yourself plan enough time to wait for your products to get finished, in case of paper you get an already prepared one as it takes too long to wait for it to dry). My mum and me decided to go for the full program, which was clearly thought to be for kids but we had fun anyway! It was really nice to see all these things and participate in it (even though I probably wouldn’t do it a second time) and I really like the end products.

What do you think?



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