Skyline Hamburg- Monochrome Madness Week 32

As I was traveling the last week (mainly in northern Germany) I skipped the MM week 31, but I am back now. This weeks submission is a picture I took while I was on the road. It is the skyline of Hamburg how you can see it from the south of the Elbe river. It is a very special picture to me as it is one of the first pictures I took with my newly acquired ND Filter. It is actually a more professional version of the picture I took with my phone last week (and it was taken a bit earlier in the evening) and then posted here to let you guys know that I am off on the road.

I cropped a bit of sky and water so it ended up looking a bit like a panoramic picture.

You will get to see more of this series soon.

Don’t forget to check out the other submissions on Leanne Cole’s Blog!


Skyline of Hamburg from the south of the Elbe river


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