Hamburg Harbor

As promised before I will show you some more pictures from the time in Hamburg. I went out one evening shortly before sunset and walked along the pier at the “Landungsbrücken” and the light was really nice and it is always nice to shoot the water with the container harbor with it’s cranes in the background. I then went below the river and crossed to the other side through the old Elbtunnel (I will show pictures of this in another post in the near future). I then sat on the other side while the sun was settling and played around with my new ND Filter a bit. After it got dark and I had the feeling I will not get any different pictures anymore I packed up walked back to the other side and did some more night shots there. All in all it was a really nice day and I got some really good pictures out of it, that I will show to you now in a gallery.


3 thoughts on “Hamburg Harbor

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