The old Elbe tunnel

As already stated in my older post I was passing below the Elbe river in Hamburg to get to the south side for some pictures of the Hamburg skyline. Directly at the “Landungsbrücken”, were all the tourist boats leave, you can find the old Elbe tunnel, an official heritage site of Hamburg. It was build in 1907-1911 to allow people to cross under the river into the free port area more easily. Normally the tunnel has two lanes, one for each direction, but they are renovating it at the moment and one lane is closed. The cars are not entering over a ramp but are transported via lifts. The lanes are really narrow, so that modern trucks could not drive in them and even some normal cars have problems (I think the restricted width is 2 m, but I am not sure and couldn’t find it anywhere). While I was there (which was a Sunday afternoon) the lifts were not operated so only pedestrians and cyclists were in the tunnel. I love the feeling in there and it always makes me feel like I traveled back into these old times. Here my gallery of pictures that I took.


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