Sylt – Monochrome Madness Week 34

After skipping last weeks MM I am back this week. My submission is a picture I took while I was in northern Germany. While there I had to go to Sylt, the most northern Point of Germany and in fact another Wadden Sea island. I wasn’t there for pure fun but for a Meeting with some project partners, this led to the fact that I barely had time to take pictures. On the last evening I ended up with a few hours of free time and despite the bad weather I went out and took some pictures.  It was foggy and cold, the sun was only a bright spot behind mist and I decided to try my ND filter again. In the first round of development I didn’t convert any of them to B&W but while I was looking for a picture for this week I thought I could try one of these. And it work really well! So here is my submission for week 34 and don’t forget to check out the other submissions on Leanne Cole’s Blog!



One thought on “Sylt – Monochrome Madness Week 34

  1. I like the composition and the way it leads the viewer into the photo. My personal tast is that it could be a bit more ‘firm’, a bit more contrast so the houses in white come out a bit more. But that could also be caused by the fact I am looking at this on a laptop! Beautiful photo

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