The forest in autumn

Inspired by my last MM picture I wanted to take some more mushroom pictures, so on Friday I decided that I want to go to the forest this weekend. I love to do things like this in company and made a post on facebook asking if anyone wanted to join me. And by a coincident some friends of mine that normally don’t live here anymore said they would join me. So we met on a parking spot in the forest and started our small walk. The mushrooms were not as abundant as last year but I was still able to get some nice shots. I love photographing mushrooms and I love to play with low depth of field while doing it. It always gives the pictures such a mystical feeling. With some of them I am not completely satisfied because I think I over did it with the DoF. But I still like them 😉 At some point we reached a tower that is in the middle of the woods and we climbed it and I took some more pictures there. The next MM picture will also be from this series but it is not included here. I now leave you with the gallery of my forest pictures.


5 thoughts on “The forest in autumn

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