One four Challenge – November Week 1

Last week I saw this post from Robyn popping up on my WP Reader about a new challenge and somehow I was really drawn in by her idea. So during the whole last week I kept on looking out for a picture that I could use for this challenge. The point of the one four challenge is to pick one picture and then process it in four different ways over the course of one month and post one picture each week. It was important to me that I will show you guys a new picture that you haven’t seen so far. So I choose one of my pictures from my walk in the forest and didn’t post it with the other ones (a bit like I did with the one I will post for this weeks MM).

So for November I will participate in this challenge and each Monday I will post a new version of this picture:


This is the plain picture straight out of my camera and in the first week I want to show you the picture I got after I did my normal processing. I adjusted the exposure slightly and increased the dynamic as well as the saturation of red, orange and green. I also did some digital sharpening and adjusted the lens specific chromatic aberration.


If you want to participate as well you still have until Sunday to post your first picture and participate in the first month.

Please also check out Robyn’s picture of the first week and have a look at the ping backs from the other participants!



17 thoughts on “One four Challenge – November Week 1

  1. Sari, welcome to our new challenge πŸ˜„
    Im so glad you like this idea and very glad you’re joining in with us.
    I love your image. Its beautiful and really like the changes you’ve made so far.

  2. What a beauty! That sweet little mushroom is such a star in your image. I love how you processed this, there are very interesting differences between your two images and I do like how the light and color comes back to me in the processed image.
    I must say, your blog is beautiful. Your header image makes me want to stop, in place, lay in the grass and take in that view until the sun goes down. I am happy to have found your blog through this challenge, I too am participating and looking forward to learning as the weeks move along.

  3. I like the image you chose. I can visualize so many variations so it wil be interesting to see what you do. I did the same as you and was pretty conservative with my first variation.

  4. Great treatment, it feels very real and there. Cant believe how smooth and clean and white the stem of the mushroom was.

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