One Four Challenge – November – Week 3

As you might know I am a big fan of monochrome pictures, so I just couldn’t do this challenge without making a monochrome version of my picture. After a suggestion from lensaddiction last week I decided to try out some cropping as well and I really liked it.

So once again here is the picture I started from:


So over all I changed a lot of small things on this one: After the cropping I made a masking layer and reduced the sharpness of the background, I gave the picture a slight tint and I included a vignette.

OneFour November Week 3

What do you guys think of this weeks picture? I more or less already have the picture for the last week and I am really curious how you guys will like it.

As always don’t forget to check out Robyn’s submission on her Blog as well as everyone else s that should have a pingback on there.
Robyn also asked for posting all images so far together. In that way we can already see the progress so far so I added a gallery with all 3 processed pictures.


17 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – November – Week 3

  1. Hi Sari 😊
    I really like this mono version. The tones are gorgeous!
    Cropping and your other processing makes another great image!
    Im really enjoying the variety too that we’ve starting seeing in this 3rd week.
    Very nice!!

  2. YAY you tried cropping it 🙂 What did you think, did you like it? I do, it really brings the subject into prominence and puts the stem on a vertical rule of thirds line and the cap on a horizontal one so it feels really comfortable in the photo.

    Nice tonings in the BW and adding some blur to the background is a nice touch. Personally its a touch on the dark side of an edit for my personal preference, but I do like how its capture the velvet texture at the top of the cap.


    • Thannks! I was hoping you will like it! I also liked how it looks in the picture now, but I also like the big versions 😉 I had a brighter b&w version before and then the red of the mushroom was more or less the same color as the moss so I decided to make it a bit darker.

      • Fair enuf, sounds like you put some thought and effort in, and that’s the point of this exercise in the end 😊

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