Cheese market – Monochrome Madness Week 39

And again I had to take an old picture for MM. I start to feel bad about this but it is still better than what I did in summer when I was not sending in pictures at all. So, yeah you guys just have to live with this (hopefully I will be able to prepare some new posts within these coming weeks). This picture is from the end of may when my sister was visiting and we went to the cheese market in Alkmaar. I posted it back then already but I really like it so I thought I reuse it 🙂 As Laura already pointed out in the comments of Leanne’s Post (Don’t forget to check out the other submissions!), there is a big Flat screen visible in the back. This is mainly because the market is really popular as a tourist attraction and there are a lot of people around and they all want to see what is going on.

wagons of cheese





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