Taking a look back – a review of 2014

Today is the 31st of December (at least here in Europe it still is) and this date always leads me to look back and see what happened during the last year. This is the first year that I had my Blog for the full year (last year I only started in December so I didn’t make a full review) and I thought I make a post to summarize what I did, especially since I got a nice summary post by the WordPress.com stats helper monkeys ;). But I was not completely satisfied with it since I had the feeling my pictures got a bit short in it. So much happened during this year, I started with the Monochrome Madness, I participated in the One Four Challenge and I posted about a lot of things… So here is a gallery with the best of 2014.

With this gallery I wanted to thank all my followers for supporting me! I am currently only 2 followers away from the magic number of 100 followers! I wanted to give a special thanks to the photographic community of WordPress bloggers for the constant feedback and support, especially to Leanne Cole, Laura Macky and Robyn G. for giving me so much inspiration with the challenges you come up with!

Overall I have to say I really enjoyed 2014 and I hope 2015 will be as productive and inspirational as 2014 (and hopefully it will not be as stressful as the end of 2014 was).

I hope you all come good into the new year (and to my aussie friends happy new year already!)!

See you in 2015!


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