One Four Challenge – January – Week 1

Happy New Year everyone! December is over and we start with a new year and a new month. This means I will start with the one four challenge again. As most of you know in this challenge from Robyn from Captivate Me you choose a picture that you will work on over the course of one month. Each week I will post a new version of this picture. As last time I will first show you the original picture and then the version from week one and each week I will add a gallery with all the pictures so far.


This time I choose one of the pictures I took while begin back in Hamburg for the Holidays. This is the entrance to one of the pedestrian shopping areas in the city. I really liked the Holiday lights and the nice blue sky as well as the straight lines in the buildings.

The picture obviously needed some basic adjustments. I straightened it and cropped a bit a the bottom. I increased the details and the basic light. I also increased the saturation of the blue and yellow-orange parts. So here is my first week results:



This is it for this week. I appreciate all comments and suggestions 🙂  Don’t forget to check out Robyn’s Blog and look at the pingbacks from other participants.



12 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – January – Week 1

  1. Great image, it has such a wintery holiday feel. I love the crop you did here and how you have brought the viewer into the image instead of feeling like a spectator. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this, I always learn something from your edits. Oh and you are right, that sky is divine.

    • Thanks! Yes there is definitely a Holiday feeling in this picture (even though it was taken Yesterday 😉 )! I have some ideas for next week and the 3rd week but I will watch out for some ideas for the last week. I am glad that you can take something from my images!

  2. Hey Sari, great image and nice job on the processing, I like how the lights are so very central. I don’t know what image software you use but if it has a grad ND filter I learned a great tip on that recently for foregrounds, usually you use it on the sky, but here you could bring it up from the bottom and lighten the foreground in a subtle way?

  3. Hi Sari – Happy New Year!
    I like your festive image with it’s ‘almost’ night time feel, with that beautiful deep blue sky.
    The orange and blue work well together 🙂
    The crop is fabulous and I like the way you have given us some of the foreground to draw us in.
    A great start to our challenge for this year.

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