Night photography course

Due to a lot of stress at work in December I am a bit behind with my blogging. At the end of November (Yes, that is 1.5 months ago!) I participated in a night photography course with the same course leader (Vakdesign) that I also took tNightPhotography-1he basic photography course about a year ago. We met at 19:30 h and we were only 2 participants, me and a friend of mine. We then took some first shots of the enlightened church were we got a short introduction into the most important tricks that you can use while shooting at night (e.g. what happens if you use a high f-value, how to choose the right ISO,…).

We then continued to a small pond where we did some more shots.  Unfortunately it was a quite night so there weren’t a lot of cars around. We decided to first go and try some light painting. For this we walked to a nicely painted car washing station. As it was shortly before Christmas we played around with the light and tried to draw a Christmas tree.  The course leader also wanted to have a picture with the Dutch word for night (Nacht) in it as an advertisement for the course.

The best chance to get car trails at night here on the island is when you wait at the main road at a time shortly after the ferry arrived. Then you can be pretty sure to have at least some cars and buses passing by. So this is what we did next. But we were not completely satisfied with what we got and we decided to try and go to the next round about. There we were lucky and got some shots from cars driving around the round about. And this is also where I took my MM Week 43 picture.

This was already all we did. After that we went to a Pub and warmed ourselves with a cup of tea. While sitting in the Pub I had the idea that it would be funny to see if I can take some abstract pictures with the light available there (it was quite dark and only some candles on the table together with a few lights on the walls). So I took a long exposure picture while moving the camera around. It looks kind of funny, don’t you think?


As a final conclusion I have to say that I was again already a bit too experienced in the topic to really learn something new. If anything it made me more aware of what camera settings cause what kind of effect. Unfortunately it was a cloudy night so we didn’t try star photography but it was fun anyway and I really enjoyed playing around with my camera and get some input from other people.

I will end this with a gallery of all the pictures above.


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