One Four Challenge – January – Week 3

So last weeks picture got a lot of positive feedback but I realized I was not totally satisfied with the result. Also there were some people responding with exactly the same concern as I had it. So for this week I decided to go for minor changes instead of trying something completely new.

The thing I was not satisfied with was that due to the blue tinge filter the sign that stood out in the first version was not as visible anymore in last weeks version. So I sat down and got to work with the selective brush in LR 5. I adjusted the saturation of this and also played around with exposure and contrast. While working closely with the sign I realized that some of light bulbs on the sign seemed to have stopped working and they were messing with my picture so I masked them with parts of working light bulbs. I am now pretty happy with my result.

What do you guys think (click on the image to get a bigger version)?

Please also look out for other participants either by looking for the WP Tag “One Four Challenge” or by checking Robyn’s newest post!

As always comments are highly welcome and appreciated!

Thanks to the folks from last week for pushing me forward! 😉


19 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – January – Week 3

  1. Really like what you did here, the main sign is now a real focal point and you have retained the essence of the exposure at the time but bought more detail back into it 🙂 great job, looks like you are learning lots!

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