Stormy Sylt

As some of you might know I was in Hamburg over the Holidays and after that I spent two weeks on the German Wadden Sea island Sylt. I was there for work so I didn’t had that much time to go out and take pictures. But with being there for two weeks there was a whole weekend in between that I was planning to spent with photography. And then the weather had other Plans… A huge storm was predicted already a few days ahead of the weekend. So I decided to go out and take pictures of the storm. First I was a bit afraid that it will rain and be cold and wet the whole time but I really wanted to go anyway. So on that Saturday I met with a colleague and we went off to the North Sea beach of the island and surprisingly it was sunny but a little  misty from the spray from the sea. The way up the dunes was hard as we had to walk against the wind which was around wind speed 10 at that point with gusts up to 12 (which is hurricane strength). But the reward was an amazing view over the beach with relatively high waves. Due to the fact that the sun was out I got some really nice shots. We later also went a bit more south on the island but we only stopped at one of the lighthouses that I really wanted to take a picture off and then we headed for a restaurant and had a nice cup of tea and some Lunch.

I always love to capture the strength of the elements with my camera.


2 thoughts on “Stormy Sylt

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