Music that inspires me – Frank Turner

I am a person that listens to music a lot. I can barely imagine myself without music in the background. This led to the fact that I had the feeling I am missing a part of myself with this Blog. A lot of my pictures are connected to music for me. So I gave this a lot of thought and had different options in mind how I could incorporate this into my Blog. So I decided every now and then I will tell you something about music that inspires me. This time I will show you one of my favorite Singer/Songwriter: Frank Turner

Originally he comes from the Hardcore/Punkrock scene and at some point he started to give concerts alone and his sound got a bit softer but nevertheless he has some fast elements in his songs and especially live there still are some elements from his past visible. Some of you might know Frank as he was playing on the opening ceremony of the summer Olympics in London in 2012. He makes some great music and I linked you a YT Video here to a short (15min) documentary of his beginnings until about two years ago:

But that might already be too much for some of you that just want to hear some of his songs so I will link some of my favorite songs of him here (to keep it to a reasonable amount I will post a kind of Top 5, but actually it depends on my mood which ones are up there šŸ˜‰ ):

1. Photosynthesis

2. I Still Believe

3.Ā  Losing Days

4. Substitute

5. Tell Tale Signs

I hope people don’t mind me doing this every now and then from here onwards and that some of you might find inspiration from it. If you are interested I keep track of my music listening via and you can find my profile here.


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