Lazy sunny Sunday photo shoot

I am a bit sick these days so I decided to spent my Sunday at home this week. At some point the sun came out and my two boys were lying around in the sun. So I sneaked upstairs to grab my camera and luckily they decided to be lazy and didn’t follow. So I was able to shoot some rally nice pictures of them. Haven’t they grown? I have to say I am so happy with my pictures that I selected two of them for my challenges, so my boys will feature the Monochrome Madness and the One Four Challenge but I decided to not use these pictures here yet so that they are at least new to you guys πŸ™‚

I hope no one will be annoyed by the cat spamming here on my Blog (there is also another Post coming up, but more about that on another occasion).

I hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Lazy sunny Sunday photo shoot

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