One Four Challenge – February – Week 1

Uhhh new months, new picture for the One Four Challenge (please check Captivate Me! if you want to know more about the Challenge itself)  and as I already said yesterday I will work with a picture I took yesterday of Jack. As always I will first show you my original picture that I started from.

February Original

February Original

I started off with cropping the image a bit as there is a vast space on the right hand side. I also reduced the brightness and contrast and also worked with shadows and highlights (both went pretty far down). I increased dynamics, saturation and clarity and adjusted the details.  As a final finishing I added a vignette to darken the corners even more so that his face is the main point of attraction.

February Week 1

February Week 1

I am pretty satisfied with what came out of it and I am not really sure what I will do over the coming weeks. This will be a challenge 😉

As always, please visit other blogs partaking on the Challenge over Robyn’s page directly or the OneFourChallenge Tag in the WP reader and comments, constructive critique and suggestions are always welcome!



30 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – February – Week 1

    • Thanks for the feedback! Sorry for not responding on it earlier but your comment got caught up in my Spam for some reason. But now that you are approved it should not happen again! 🙂

  1. What a lovely picture of a very handsome cat! You have got some great detail in the image, the crop has really helped it and darkening the background makes him stand out so much better.

  2. Your cat is handsome 🙂 You captured some great details of his fur and those whiskers! I like how you cropped the image and the vignette really does help bring the focus to what you want to see. Lovely first edit.

  3. Hi Sari – love the kitty cat. The whiskers are gorgeous and your crop worked well. I have a cat too. I’m always fascinated by the colour in their eyes and the whiskers and feelers. May be you could hone in on these even more in future edits.

    • Thanks, Chris! I was thinking about something in that direction but I have to see what I will do. I got the 15 days trail version of the Nik Collection yesterday and I think I will be trying to use these days as good as possible 🙂

  4. KITTEH!! What a handsome kitty he is, and posing so nicely with all those splendid whiskers 🙂 Sari you did a great job on the process, its so hard to get all those highlights on the white fur in bright light so exellent job there. Nice darkening of the background.

    Its a hard balance to make when working on bright areas, but his face possibly seems a tad too dark maybe? Just around his muzzle and eyes Im thinking?

    • Thanks a lot, Stacey! After looking at it for some time over the last days I can fully agree to your point! I will see if it is necessary to work on it for the next processings or if it is gone than anyway. Thanks to your post about your software I now got the 15 days trail version of the Nik Collection and I will try to put them in good use 🙂

      • Have fun with the Nik stuff, feel free to email me if you want some quick tips, it doesn’t quite work the way you expect but makes sense once you understand it ☺️

  5. This is beautiful Sari and as you mentioned in a comment to me – I knew this was yours 😃 Jack is beautiful and I like that youve made him the focus. The fine detail is lovely.
    Good luck with the next 3 😃 I hope you include a BW – he is perfect for that!

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