One Four Challenge – February – Week 2

Welcome to the second week of the February One Four Challenge! I got myself a trail version of Nik Collection last week after I read a nice post about it from Stacey over at lensaddiction. I was planning on using it for this weeks One Four Challenge picture but one comment from Chris from svtakeiteasy kept on crawling in my head. She suggested that I should focus on the eyes and whiskers of Jack. So I decided to try a monochrome layer above everything except for the eye (for a tutorial how to do that in LR see here). After I did that I thought I was finished but then today just before I wanted to post this I had this idea to crop the image a bit more and increase the focus on the eye. And then I was in a classical dilemma, I couldn’t decide anymore which version to post. So I decided to show you guys both versions!

Additional to the obvious changes I also adjusted the brightness around the muzzle (Thanks, Stacey!)  and I got rid of the last distracting point in the background.


February – Week 2 – Version 1


February – Week 2 – Version 2

I really enjoyed the feedback I got and I would appreciate any feedback on this weeks pictures and I would also like to know if you  have a favorite version from these two!

For anyone that is new to this challenge please check out the post from Robyn where she explains everything and for all interested people please have a look at the comments of that post for other participants or just use the “One Four Challenge”- Tag in the WP Reader!

Here the gallery with all versions so far:




30 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – February – Week 2

  1. Sari, those eyes are stunning! I prefer the second edit, beautiful crop and so much detail to move me through the image. I don’t get tired of seeing any of it! This is a lovely image in black and white, great color splash too, what a unique color. I am gushing, but I really do like it 🙂

    • Thanks a lot! That is exactly the reason why I still included the bigger crop, but I also really like the focus on the smaller one 🙂 I find it really hard to decide between them… I am curious which will be the more popular one in the final voting

    • Thank you! I put a lot of thought into this crop as I was trying to include the eye and the whiskers but not necessarily the whole head. I tried to keep the nice marking next to the eye as a complete part so this was the outcome of all that considerations and it has the nice side effect of lining up nicely with the thirds 🙂 never really saw the diagonal split consciously , though 🙂

  2. This is a very striking edit! I originally thought your kitty was black and white, I didn’t realize it was a select color b/w image until I saw the original. I like the progression of you getting the background less distracting. I like both versions, but for some reason after viewing all the images I choose the most cropped one… it removes that shadow doorway and really makes you look at the eye and whiskers. Great job! 😀

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