Fog – Monochrome Madness 51

It is time for Monochrome Madness again and this is the last picture before we will celebrate one year of Monochrome Madness. I didn’t participate from the start, my first submission was in week 14 and I didn’t submit a picture each week but I have to choose my favorite submission from the whole bunch so far for next week and send it to Leanne. She will then show a gallery with all our favorites and each participant will show a gallery of all submissions on thier own blog. So for next week you guys can prepare for a big monochrome post! 🙂

A little background to this weeks picture:

We had one of the foggiest evenings I have seen in a long time during the last week and instead of driving with my car to do groceries, as I originally planned, I decided to not move my car in these circumstances and instead grabbed my camera and went out for a walk with a photography friend.

It was pretty impressive and I took several pictures that I all converted to B&W. But I will only show you this one here now as I am planning to make a seperate post with these pictures at a later point.

I hope you like it! Please don’t forget to head over to Leanne and check out all submissions.



8 thoughts on “Fog – Monochrome Madness 51

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