De Slufter in Winter

A few weeks back I did a little excursion here on my island with four good friends of mine (we were 3 girls with cameras and two guys with binoculars). We decided to visit “De Slufter“, a national park that I blogged about earlier already. Again it was a bright and sunny day but much colder then when we went there back in September. We also had some pretty big storms during the last couple of months, that lead to a complete flooding of the whole area (some pretty impressive pictures of that can be found here, text in Dutch).  That means a lot of plants that made the area green in late summer were now brown, as they were not able to cope that well with the amount of salt water that came in (and the normal die off during winter also didn’t help). This time we took a different rout then last time and we managed to walk all the way down to the beach. We walked around there a bit as well and I took plenty of pictures (one of them was my submission for Monochrome Madness Week 49). At the beach the horizon was blurry due to a really high humidity but it got a great effect on the pictures. We also decided to use one of the beach poles standing around (they use them to mark the km of the beach) as a kind of improvised tripod and take a (actually two) group picture(s) (the one shown here was the funny one were we shot our self as silhouettes). All in all it was a great day and we finished it off with having a big homemade pizza together (not shown here).

I will leave you with a gallery of all my pictures!


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