One Four Challenge – March – Week 1

I know I said I will not do the March One Four Challenge but then I took this picture and tried some stuff and within 10 min had 4 versions of it, so I decided I will just do it. For everyone not familiar with this challenge the point is to choose one picture and post 4 different versions of it over the course of a month, please have a look over on Robyn’s Blog for more information!

This months I will most likely work in a different way as usual as I have all my 4 versions ready. However, it can happen that some of your comments push me in a certain direction so that I will change my planned version into something else. I will see how I will get along. My image this month is one of a purple crocus. I love purple and I love these first signs of spring that are all around here, so I just had to take a picture of it 🙂

March Original

March Original

As always I imported the file in LR and I did my usual processing, as I wanted to show you how I would usually process the image. For this weeks version I mainly worked with increasing the details, dynamic and the saturation of the purple. I also adjusted the blacks a lot (down to -71). That is mainly it!

March Week 1

March Week 1

I hope you enjoy my picture, feedback and comments are always welcome!

Please also have a look at other participants work by searching for the “One Four Challenge”-Tag in the WP Reader or you can have a look at the pingbacks on Robyn’s Post from this week!

PS: Tomorrow I will start with the Photo101 so prepare for a lot of posts to come! 🙂


18 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – March – Week 1

  1. Well, this just screams (subtly) spring 🙂 How lovely. The water droplets are such a beautiful detail and the purple is so rich. I like how you darkened the steam and beginning petals, pretty indeed.
    I am happy to read you are continuing this month…I always appreciate your edits.

  2. Its a beautiful colour, I love crocus, they are such tiny fragile flowers. Other than the dark of the stem being a bit too dark I like what you have done, adjusting the whites and blacks can be a really easy way to add some depth and impact

  3. Lovely! I love crocuses. The promise of spring coming soon! I was excited to see a few yesterday – none of the colors yet, just the green stalks, but I’m sure the flowers will be out any moment now!

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