One Year – Monochrome Madness 52

One year of Monochrome Madness! Congratulations Leanne and Laura for this achievement as well as for the great idea! I love to be part of it and the whole bunch of nice Bloggers I met through it!

This was such a hard task to choose my favorite image from all my submissions… I have a draft of this post ready since Wednesday last week with a gallery of all the pictures in it, so that I am able to see them all together. I counted and realized I did 27 submissions in total, which means I only participated in about half of the possible cases. I went through my gallery so many times and I was just about to decide which one is my favorite about 10-20 times and then I was like: “Yeah it is really nice but is it really better then that other picture?”. This went forth and back several times and in the end I decided to go for the mushrooms that look a bit like little mushroom houses in a canyon. I really love the details in this shot and this little “story behind the picture” decided it for me.


Please enjoy all my submissions that you can find in the gallery below the post (please click on the first picture to get a bigger view in a slide show!).

This week you can find a gallery with all the favorites of the other participants over on Leanne’s Blog, please go and have a look!


24 thoughts on “One Year – Monochrome Madness 52

  1. Your blog popped up in the WordPress reader and I had to take a look. I wasn’t disappointed! I LOVE your Monochrome Madness pictures! I also really enjoy your cats pictures. I started my blog 3 weeks ago and my cats were one of my first posts, you should take a look, one of them really looks like yours! I’m also at a point where I am getting more into photography and I started thinking about upgrading my equipment but thank you for showing me that you don’t necessarily need high-end equipement to take GREAT shots!

    • Hi Ben, thanks a lot for that comment! I had a quick look over and it seems to be a nice blog you put up 🙂 Even though photography is partly depending on equipment it is also greatly depending on the person behind that equipment 🙂 But I can really understand your desire to buy new lenses…there aleays seems to be another one you just HAVE to have.

  2. Congratulations! That is a lot of monochrome and it looks so nice all together in the gallery. I love those little mushrooms and you are right, they are like a little village 🙂

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  4. Sari, your gallery of MM images are wonderful and varied… Love the mushrooms – they were such a great choice as your fave.
    I’m so pleased we met through MM 🙂 I really enjoy your photographs.

    • I am so happy about all the people I met through this challenge and you all give me so much inspiration and the feedback I get is so rewarding, it helps to get me going and to keep on pushing my boarders! Thanks for this comment, Robyn!

  5. Just lovely Sarina, I enjoyed going through your gallery of wonderful BWs. I did comment on my favourites although I like all your photos. Well done. For some reason your rural scenes are a delight and I really love them.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time and going through the gallery! I appreciate your comments and a lot of them made me smile! It is so nice to know other people enjoy my pictures. I have grown so much over the time I have maintained this Blog, also through the comments I got from the whole community!

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