Street – Photo 101- Day 2

Today will be two posts as there is the regular Monochrome Madness post coming up later today. So assignment number 2 was to take a picture of a street. I couldn’t find the time to go out and take a new picture but I had some pictures ready that I took while being out a few weeks ago when we had really foggy weather. I really liked how the streets sometimes even vanished into nothingness, but they still form a leading line through the frame. I already showed you one picture I took on this day last week for the MM post and I was feeling like taking a picture of the same crossing that I took an earlier picture of to show you guys how bad the fog was.


14 thoughts on “Street – Photo 101- Day 2

  1. Great shots. I love the black and white photos. I think it helps to not distract the viewer and helps open their eyes to a new view and using their own imagination on how they think the view actually looked.

  2. Images with that eerie feel about them, particularly in monochrome are some of my favourites. Your images with the fork in the road and the curve into the mist add to the eeriness and make these images winners. A distinction well earned.

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